Curatorial hours on "code of Honor and discipline" at the Department of Geodesy and cartography

The curatorial hour was held according to the approved plan on the initiative of the head of the Department Zh. Aukazhieva and with the active participation of curators of each group. The curatorial hour for groups was opened by the head of the Department.

These hours were held in an online format on the MS Teams platform, through the grouping of groups. The specialty of Geodesy and cartography was divided into 2 Kazakh group and 1 Russian group. They discussed the code of honor and discipline at the end of each lesson, shared their opinions, answered questions and supplemented them.

In addition, students of the GK-32 group shared their work on this code of Honor and discipline with 1st year students during three years of training. The curator of the GK-12 group Muratova A. answered the questions and said that every student should know and comply with this code. The curator of the GK-11 Group Sartabayeva G.S. gave detailed information about the academic reality of students. In addition, a student of the GK-21 Group Amanzholova Akbota, in the GK32 group Kenzhegali Yernur, Go-Tsyun-Shui Maria, in the GK33 group Yeralkhan Zhansaule made a very good presentation and took an active part.