Curatorial hour " We are against religious extremism»

October 24, 2020, for the purpose of explanatory work on countering religious extremism and promoting inter-ethnic harmony in the student environment, regulatory and legal provision of the necessary scientific, methodological, informational and legal knowledge about human rights and freedoms that contribute to the formation of students ' conscious negative attitude to offenses, including crimes related to the promotion of destructive religious movements, the Department of «Geodesy and cartography» held an online curatorial hour for 1-2 year students on the topic "We are against religious extremism".

The curatorial hour was held on the MS Teams online platform. Head of the Department Zh. Aukazhiyeva, "Theologian specialist" of the Department of social and civil development of the L. N. Gumilyov ENU Daribay M. O., senior curator Musayf G., curators and students of the GK11 and GK12 groups took an active part in it.

During this event, students demonstrated prepared videos, slide presentations, and reports. They introduced their fellow students to legal methods of preventing the spread of ideas of religious extremism and involving young people in pseudo-religious movements and cults.

The curatorial hour was held in a friendly, positive atmosphere, students showed great interest in the stated topic and expressed a desire to continue the discussion and further organize such events.


photo report of the event