methodical seminar in LLP "KazAeroSpace"

On January 9, a visiting seminar of the Department of Geodesy and cartography was held, which was planned as part of the annual methodological decade 

"Methodological competence of a University teacher in the context of the development of innovative learning technologies".

The seminar was held on the basis of employers of the Department of "KazAeroSpace"LLP.

The purpose of the methodological decade is to increase the pedagogical competence of teaching staff


 and the application of their professional experience in the context of innovative learning technologies.

The following issues were considered during the seminar:

- "Application of CAVE technology in the educational process", speaker, teacher Kaziev B. N.

- Discussion of a new form of syllabus on the discipline "Geodesy", speaker associate Professor of the Department Sagyndyk M. Zh.