A meeting was held at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction with the researcher of the work of Akyn Sara Menlibaeva S.D.

On May 17, 2022, a meeting with S.D. Menlibaeva, a researcher of Akyn Sary, took place at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in the 511 auditorium. On the eve of the 170th anniversary of Akyn Sara's birth, unpublished data collected by researcher Saltanat Dauletkanovna Menlibaeva were presented.

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Temirkhan Tolkynbayev made a welcoming speech.

Invited guests made warm wishes: Professor of the Department of Architecture, author of the State Emblem Zh. Malibekov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Center of the Republican Public Association «Organization of Veterans» U.O. Ozganbayev, Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty district B.Ismagulova, cultural organizer of the KSU «Center of Active Longevity» Akimat G. Nur - Sultan L.D. Utegulova.


Saltanat Dauletkanovna, Executive secretary of the City Council of Veterans, veteran of the Civil Service, holder of the «Order of Honor», researcher of Akyn Sary Menlibayeva popularizes the heritage and personality of Sarah Tastanbekovna.  The guest told about Margarita Vashchenko (1907-2005), who created her works in 1955-1960, when she worked as an architect in Taldykorgan region. With the assistance of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation, 12 paintings were donated to Kazakhstan.Vashchenko, among which there are unique portraits of the outstanding Kazakh poet Sarah Tastanbekkyzy. In addition to paintings, miniature sculptures, letters, newspaper clippings, photographs and other archival documents related to the work of Margarita Vashchenko in Kazakhstan were donated to Kazakhstan. The unique collection was carefully preserved by the architect's daughter, Gelia Timofeev. Saltanat Menlibayeva received a letter from Helia Timofeeva with a request to accept her mother's archive as a gift, so she fulfilled her mother's covenant. 

    At the end of the event, Dean of the Faculty, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Tolkynbayev T.A., Head of the Department of Design and Engineering Graphics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Baidabekov A.K., Head of the Department of Architecture, Candidate of Architecture, Acting Professor Semenyuk O.N. expressed gratitude for the important meeting and the materials provided by Saltanat Dauletkanovna, who are valuable information for students.