at the department "design and engineering graphics", a scientific seminar was held on the topic: "research of the concept of multifunctional eco-food in the National style".


On December 10, 2021, a scientific seminar was held at the Department of Design and Engineering Graphics of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction on the topic: "Ulttyk stildegi kopfunctionaldy ekozhihaz tuzhyrymdamasyn zertteu".

        The speaker on this topic was a Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Bazarbayeva S.M. The scientific seminar was attended by faculty of the department, undergraduates and students of the specialty "Design".

      The opening speech was made by the head of the department "Design and Engineering Graphics", Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor. Baidabekov A.K., who announced the topic of the ongoing scientific seminar and introduced the speaker.

      The speaker highlighted the relevance of the work, the analysis of the current state of this issue. On the basis of a questionnaire survey and data analysis, a conceptual solution for the design and multifunctional ecomobel in the national ethnic style is proposed.

         Bazarbayeva S.M. proposed the basic idea and functional easily transformable furniture. According to the design and dimensions of 3D models obtained with the help of computer programs, light transformable types of furniture are assembled from new compositions obtained by plastics.

     During the seminar, interesting questions were asked about the structures and proposed new compositions of materials for the developed structural and technological solutions.

     In general, the event was held at a fairly high scientific and methodological level, a number of topical issues for creative specialties were raised.