Scientific Workshop "Pricing in the construction industry"

On April 4, 2018, the Scientific Seminar "Pricing in the Construction Industry" was held at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of the ENU named after L.N. Gumilev. A scientific seminar was devoted to a comparison of the resource and base-index method.

The current situation in determining the cost of construction products in Kazakhstan has entered into serious contradictions due to the discrepancy between real market prices for construction and prices determined by existing methods based on the basis-index method.

Crisis phenomena in the world economy particularly affected the construction contractors. Some companies of Kazakhstan in these conditions were on the verge of bankruptcy.

The difference in the real cost of construction and the cost of construction determined by the basic - index method has become significant, which in the end can negatively affect the economic condition of the construction industry in Kazakhstan as a whole.

The purpose of the Resource method is to determine the estimated cost of construction in current prices.

Advantages of the Resource Method The resource method allows you to determine the estimated cost of investment objects most accurately, at any time, based on current prices for material and labor resources.

The seminar was conducted by Ph.D., Associate Professor Akhmetov N.S. and Master of the PSMiK-01 group Reifzhanova Zh.R.

The seminar was attended by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor LB. Aruova, Ph.D., Associate Professor F.B. Abdushkurov, Cand.Tech.Sci., Associate Professor Ch.T. Otarbayev, Ph.D., Sh.B.B.Toleubaeva, senior lecturer Zh.I. Urkenbaeva, undergraduates and students of the TPGS department