Scientific Workshop "Introduction of BIM technologies on the example of Bi-Group"


Scientific Workshop

"Introduction of BIM technologies on the example of Bi-Group"


On January 9, 2018, the Scientific Seminar "Introduction of BIM Technologies Using the Bi-Group as an Example" was held at the Euarasian national university named after L.N Gumilyov. The scientific seminar was devoted to the Building Information Model (BIM).

The end of the 20th - early XXI centuries,was connected with the rapid development of information technologies, was marked by the appearance of a fundamentally new approach in architectural and construction design, which consists in creating a computer model of a new building that contains all information about the future object - the Building Information Model (BIM).

Despite the fact that the idea was formulated for the first time in 1975 by Professor of the Georgian Institute of Technology Chuck Eastman, it is for the current period that mass discussion and implementation of BIM technology in design and construction occur.

Depending on our needs, we can use various aspects of BIM technology, and we can definitely state that today the future of the design and construction industry is being formed, and if we want to be a part of it, we need to be included in the process of developing new tools now.

BIM technology covers the geometry of the building, spatial relationships, geographical information, the number and properties of the building components. Unlike previous 3D innovations in the construction industry, BIM technology is more than a conceptual modeling tool.

The seminar was conducted by BIM Manager - Institute Design Building Project LLP Ospanov E.S.


The seminar was attended by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor L.B. Aruova, Ph.D., Associate Professor E.A. Dusembin, Master of Technical Sciences Sh.B.B.Toleubaeva, Cand.Technical Science, Associate Professor Zh.N.Ospanova, senior lecturer Zh.I.Urkenbaeva, teacher R.K.Smagulova, Ph.D., Associate Professor B.S. Gordienko, undergraduates and students of the department of "TPGS", etc.