Online lectures by Professors Takaharu Shogaki (National Defense Academy of Japan) and Yoshi Iwasaki (Geo Research Institute, Osaka, Japan)

The second semester for Ph.D. students of the specialty "6D072900 – Civil Engineering" of the department "Design of Buildings and Structures" was very intense. At once two foreign professors from Japan gave lectures and seminars.

The first lecture began with an introduction of Professor Takaharu Shogaki from the National Defense Academy of Japan. The professor introduced the university where he teaches, talked about his scientific activities, and presented to the first-year doctoral students the purpose of the discipline and the work plan for the coming semester.

Due to the COVID-19 situation around the world, all classes are held in an online format.

Professor Takaharu Shogaki teaches "Laboratory and Field Soil Testing Methods According to International Standards" and "Structural Properties of Foundations.

At during time of teaching of Ph.Dr. Students Prof.Askar Zhussupbekov and Prof. Takaharu Shogaki invited of Prof. Yoshinori Iwasaki also for providing of seminars. Professor Yoshinori Iwasaki from the Geo-Research Institute, the seminars on these disciplines became even more interesting and informative. Practical seminars were held by comparing cities in countries where earthquakes and crustal shifts occur, such as Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Japan, etc.

During the classes professors, T. Shogaki and Y. Iwasaki emphasize the importance of studying soils and offer various options of devices, types of equipment, sensors, software systems that students can use as part of scientific research.

In addition to doctoral students, Zhussupbekov A.Zh., doctor of technical sciences, professor of the department "Design of Buildings and Structures" of L.N. Gumilyov ENU, is present at the lectures of foreign professors.


Each time after the lectures Professor Takaharu Shogaki advises doctoral students of the specialty "Civil Engineering" on the topics of their dissertations. Therefore, doctoral students receive full consultation about possible research directions, new literature, and also discuss opportunities for doctoral students' research internships at the institute of technology and relevant field research in Japan and Kazakhstan.