Online training seminar at the Department " Geodesy and cartography»

On October 27, 2020, the Department of Geodesy and cartography organized an online training seminar on the topic "Training in the use of electronic maps, orthophotos" with the participation of representatives of Nadir LLP. The seminar was held on the MS Teams online platform. This seminar was actively attended by the head of the Department, Ph. D., Professor Aukazhiyeva Zh. M., faculty of the Department and employee of "Nadir" LLP Rakhmetova L.

Head of the Department candidate of technical Sciences, Professor Zh. M. Aukazhiyeva introduced all the participants of the seminar training, familiarized with the purpose and theme of the event.


Representative of "Nadir" LLP L. Rakhmetova informed about the organized event "Free photo plans for professional education" to provide ready-made orthotransformed aerial photography materials. As part of this promotion, students and teachers can get 12.5 hectares of high-precision photogrammetric material for educational purposes on any available in the Photoplan territory of Kazakhstan.

The company erophotography is carried out by its own unmanned vehicles, there are industrial complexes. Today, orthophotoplans of the cities of Nur-Sultan, Uralsk and Aksai (WKR) are available. The company plans to take aerial photos of all regional centers, cities of national significance of Almaty and Shymkent. Ready-made orthophotos can be downloaded from 1:500 to 1: 50,000 scale. All orthophotos are represented in the local and world WGS-84 coordinate systems. The finished orthophotoplanes passed a control check through the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Orthophotoplans can be used in the following software: Arc GIS, Mapinfo, AutoCad, SketchUp.

During the training, L. Rakhmetov demonstrated new opportunities for using orthophotos in the educational process.

At the end of the seminar, the head of the Department, Zh. Aukazhiyeva, expressed her gratitude to the Nadir company for the opportunity to use electronic cards for practical training, writing theses and master's theses for free.

The seminar, held by an invited employer, has theoretical and practical significance for students and teachers specializing in geodesy and cartography. And they are relevant today, in the conditions of active digitalization of large cities and the capital of Kazakhstan.


photo report of the event