Online webinar on the topic: The use of modern information and communication technologies in the educational process

 On April 19, 2022 in the Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilyov, the Faculty of Architecture and Construction held an online webinar on "The use of modern information and communication technologies in the educational process. The Faculty of Architecture and Construction of ENU L.N. Gumilyov and the methodical room held an online webinar on the topic: "The use of modern information and communication technologies in the learning process. This event was organized at a high level.

 The head of the department of management of educational programs and methodical work Kosybaev Zhanat Zkryevich, the head of the methodical office Aytlesov Kurmet Kenzhegalievich, heads of departments and teaching staff took part in methodical event. The event was conducted by the moderator-chairman of the educational-methodical commission of Architecture and Construction Faculty, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Nukhaeva Bakhytnur Ondurusevna.

 Online webinar began with the welcoming speech of Kosybaev Zhanat Zkryevich. He noted the importance of such webinars and thanked the participants and organizers. Zhanat Zkryevich emphasized that he had special respect for the architectural and construction profession.

 Then the speakers made presentations on their topics.

 The first speaker: Azhar Turlybekovna Nurtazina, Regional Director of the International Company Here in Central Asia, a part-time member of the Geodesy and Cartography Department, shared her experience in her report: "HERE Studio: a tool for creation of thematic maps". There are two directions in company Here: IT and cartography. Within the framework of cooperation with universities Here conducts special trainings and webinars, involves students and graduates to develop web and mobile applications using geolocation technology.

The second speaker: Baglan Nurlanovich Kaziev, general director of "KazAeroSpase" LLP (the best practice base in ENU in 2021) in his report: "ICT in the sale of real estate," introduced the concept of the new project 3D Qazaqstan. This project differs from existing analogs as in that it involves the creation of digital duplicates of cities, with a detailed indication of infrastructure data on the map, RAP and red lines of residential areas. To date, created a digital analogue of the city of Nur-Sultan. He also noted the high qualification of graduates of the Eurasian National University, Department of Geodesy and Cartography.

The third speaker: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of "Technology of industrial and civil construction" department Kusainov Maidan Komekovich in his report "Elements of animation in the creation of technical video clips" told about the problems in reading lectures on technical disciplines. He visually explained how to show the students the operational sequence of production processes by creating a technical video clip from cartoon drawings. This method would be most effective for students to learn the complex process of assembling a structure.

Fourth speaker: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the department "Technology of industrial and civil construction" Esengabulov Serikbolat Kadenovich in his report on "MathCAD packagein paidalanu arқyzy kiz үi taryzdi zhane sharshy pishindes ғimarattardyn energy timidilikke әserin salytyrmaly taldau" analyzed the energy efficiency, comparing the energy needs for seasonal heating and cooling of two prototype buildings, which have a simple square shape and a traditional yurt shape.

The fifth speaker: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Construction Department Abilmazhenov Talgat Shamganovich in his report: "Information and communication technologies in training and professional development" spoke about the tasks and methods of implementing information and communication technologies in the educational process.

The sixth speaker: senior lecturer of "Civil Engineering" chair Natalia Ryvkina in the report: "Experience of applying online technologies in teaching technical disciplines" said that the training of bachelors of technical specialties in conditions of e-learning will be successful with a systematic and holistic use of new information technologies and mass communication, as a technological basis for learning; with the optimal combination of students' independent work organization and various types of control over its results. She shared her experience in the use of ICTs during distance learning.

The seventh speaker: Timur Maratovich Ensebaev, senior lecturer of Architecture Department, in his report "The Concept of IT and BIM Education for Architects" told about the necessity of introducing an experimental course "Integrated Design in Digital Environment" that will be aimed at gradual immersion of students in digital design, starting from learning individual graphics editors and performing individual projects in them, to studying calculating complexes for further teamwork in various digital environments.  The acquired skills should be practiced in joint work on a single educational project with the involvement of students of engineering specialties.

The eighth speaker: Gulnur Baltabekovna Rakhimzhanova, senior teacher of "Design and Engineering Graphics" department, spoke in detail about the programs and technologies used in the discipline of "Fotografika" in her report "Oku ursіsіnde zhane bagdarlamalardy zhane technologіcalardy qoldanu". She showed visually how students photograph, process, retouch photos in practice.

After the report, each speaker answered the guests' questions.

 At the end of the online webinar the head of the methodical office Aytlesov Kurmet Kenzhegalievich thanked the guests and participants. Summarized the webinar by saying that the reports make a great contribution to the learning process, improvement of students' knowledge,

  AAC of Architectural and Construction Faculty and methodological office