Online meeting with employers of the department "Geodesy and Cartography"

On April 11, at the initiative of the Department "Geodesy and cartography" in the person of the head of the Department, Professor Zh. Aukazhiyeva, an online meeting with the Department's employers was held. This meeting was held on the ZOOM video conference platform. It was attended by the Dean of ASF Baymukhanov S., faculty of the Department, chief specialists of the Department "Careers and business partnerships" of ENU. Gumilev Smagulova G.., Z. Tuspekova and employers of Department: regional Director of LLP "Kazakhstan Here" Nurtazin A. T., head of Department of data processing and services JSC NC "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" Kabdulova G. A., Director of LLP "Kazaerospace" Kaziev B. N., Director of LLP "Geoid" Kamerbaev N. T., Deputy head of Department of geoinformation support of the General staff of the armed forces of Kazakhstan Lieutenant-Colonel Ashirov S., representatives of SOE "Higher College of geodesy and cartography" Department of education EKR  Usmanov S. S., Omarov M. K., Shevchenko O. A.


During the meeting were highlighted by employers positive moments in cooperation with the Department of "Geodesy and cartography", development plan, employment opportunities for graduates, internship students, and the need for the conclusion of a tripartite Memorandum between the Department "Geodesy and cartography" ENU. L. N. Gumilev, SOE "Higher College of geodesy and cartography" Department of education of East Kazakhstan region and the Ministry of defence, which would to start training highly qualified specialists in the field of geodesy and cartography for the armed forces defense Ministry. Employers also noted the needs of the labor market and the need to move from the traditional sphere to innovative digital geodesy and cartography.