Online meeting with the headmen of the Department " Geodesy and cartography"

April 2020 Dean of ASF baymukhanov S. K. and head of the Department of Geodesy and Cartography Zh. m. Aukazieva

held an online meeting with students of the Department.

In connection with the transition of higher education institutions to distance learning, the meeting was held in a new format:

on THE zoom electronic platform, which was attended by the headmen of the bachelor's and master's groups of the Department of "Geodesy and Cartography".

In real time, students were able to ask questions and get detailed answers.

There were a lot of questions. In particular, many people were interested in how the examination session will be held?

In what format will students pass their practical training in the summer? How will graduate students get a diploma? etc.

Students were able to get full information on all these and other questions.

In conclusion, the Dean of the faculty and the head of the Department urged students, first of all, to take care of themselves, take a serious approach to the recommendations regarding quarantine, prepare for classes, get in touch with teachers on time, complete homework, read scientific literature.