Open curatorial hour "We are against religious extremism"

On October 13, 2020, an open online curatorial hour on the topic "We are against religious extremism" was held for 3rd-year students of the specialty "Geodesy and cartography". At this event took part the head of the Department Aukazhiyeva Zh.M., "a Theologian expert" of the Department of social and civil development ENU. L. N. Gumilyov Garibay M. O., the curators of the 3rd year and students groups ГК31, ГК33, ГК35 and ГК32.

The purpose of the curatorial hours profilaktika students with antisocial, destructive organizations, and events, as well as countering religious and political extremism.

The 3rd year activists prepared reports, videos, and slides and introduced their fellow students to legal methods for preventing the spread of ideas of religious extremism and involving young people in pseudo-religious movements and cults.

During the event, the main aspects of countering extremism were identified:

• promotion of civil-Patriotic, political, spiritual and moral education of young citizens;

• dissemination of knowledge among students and students about the fight against extremism;

• prevention of offenses, including religious beliefs and involvement of students in the activities of religious extremist organizations;

• the functioning of the religious-extremist organizations in Kazakhstan;

• study of state legislation: The Constitution, the Law "On countering extremism", the Law "On religious activities and religious associations", the Law "On state youth policy", the Comprehensive program of education in educational institutions of Kazakhstan, Program "On prevention of offences among minors and prevention of child neglect and homelessness".

The curatorial hour was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, high-quality training, communication skills of teachers and students made it possible to use the class time as effectively as possible, and serious issues were covered and disclosed in a clear and understandable form in a short time.