Professional development of teachers at HERE Technologies

For 3 weeks, in the period from January 11 to 31, 2021, teachers of the Department of Geodesy and Cartography took part in the advanced training program at the international cartographic company HERE Technologies. Teachers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland took part in this program. Online meetings were held on the Cisco Webex platform. The main communication with the teachers was in the Telegram chat, where all the participants were added.

The professional development program is designed to train teachers in a set of "soft" skills and introduce them to the company's services, as well as help them learn more about the development of modern geotechnologies. The result of participation is the creation of your own interactive map using the HERE service.

The program was built in four stages:

1 Soft Skills. A set of important skills for career development that are responsible for successful participation in the work process and high productivity.

- Self-management for every day

- Leadership and motivation

- Project management methodologies

- Negotiation skills

- How to speak to be listened to

- Mentoring

- SMM and brand identity

2 Hard Skills. This module was aimed at getting acquainted with the services and platforms of HERE Technologies

Map Creator – a web mapping service for working with satellite images online.

HERE API-a set of geolocation services and technologies for creating applications and services.

HERE Studio is a cloud-based geolocation platform for creating, storing and editing data, with subsequent visualization on the map.

3 Thematic webinars. In addition to the main blocks of the program, there were webinars on modern digital trends.

-Smart Cities

- Internet of Things

- Indoor navigation

- Transport and Logistics

- Modern location-based services

4 Competition. The challenge of the contest is to create your own interactive thematic map in Here Studio. Present your project.

This advanced training course gave teachers the following opportunities

 Training in "soft" skills: self-management for every day, project management methodologies, negotiation skills, preparation of presentations, personal brand development.

Learning about the company's platforms: HERE Platform, HERE Studio, Map Creator.

Experience interacting with people from different cities and countries.

Immerse yourself in the working atmosphere of HERE Technologies

At the end of the course, all teachers were issued certificates.