Practical classes at the branches of the Department of «Geodesy and cartography»

In order to improve the quality of educational services and attract employers, the Department of Geodesy and cartography has organized and operates branches of the Department.

The Department has the following branches in the areas of specialization:

- the "Cartography" trajectory is assigned to branches in "Here Kazakhstan" LLP, head of Nurtazina A. T. and "GIS Center Kazakhstan" together with the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, head of the branch Ashirov sh. I.

- the trajectory "aerial photo-Geodesy" belongs to the branch of the Department in JSC NC "Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary", head Kabdulova G. A.;

- the trajectory "Urban planning and cadastre" is assigned to the branch in the RSE "Gosgradkadastr" , head of the branch E. p. Shin.

So, with the support of the Department's branches, a number of events have been resumed since the beginning of the academic year, including master classes and open practical classes with leading specialists of Enterprises in online remote mode.