Preventive conversation with students of the Department of Geodesy and Cartography on the harm of alcohol and smoking

On February 22, 2022, at the Department of Geodesy and Cartography, a preventive conversation was held with students of 1-3 courses on the harm of alcohol, smoking and suicide among young people.

The academic group GC-21 prepared and presented a presentation on the harm of alcohol and smoking to human life. The presentation outlined the history of the creation of cigarettes and alcohol, the effect of nicotine and alcohol on the human body, the consequences of the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, as well as narcotic substances.

The head of the Department "Geodesy and Cartography" Aukazhiyeva Zh.M. and the curators of academic groups touched upon the topic of suicide among young people. Preventive work aimed at early detection of problems in the family and the environment of young men can contribute to reducing the number of suicides among young people. Healthcare, education, and social protection structures should be involved in preventive work.

As evidenced by the experience of countries that have achieved notable success in reducing the rate of teenage suicides, the system of preventive work should be built in two directions - general and private prevention, since suicide is understood as an individual act of a person and a socio-psychological phenomenon. General prevention helps a person at the stage of development of a suicidal tendency, private - at the stage of the reversible phase of external suicidal behavior.

The multilevel nature of risk factors and protective factors determines the need for comprehensive suicide prevention, the inclusion of a medical aspect, a cultural and educational aspect, and the resolution of a number of social problems. It has been established that no risk factor can be a sufficient reason for suicide without a combination with other factors. Comprehensive support of a young person with a load of accumulated problems is required, and not correction of only one symptom or problematic behavior.

The main emphasis in preventing suicide among adolescents should be placed on the prevention of crises in the family, providing timely social, psychological and other support to particularly vulnerab.