Internship of undergraduates of ENU in Lublin Polytechnic University

From 5 to 15 April 2018, undergraduates of the first year under the program GPIIIR-2 specialty 6M073000 "Production of building materials, products and structures" of the Department of "Technology of industrial and civil construction" of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of the Eurasian National University. L.N. GumilyovaShagatayeva Alina, KassenovaAigerim, IsmagulovAlmaz,IsmailovFuad, KuandykovAlisher,  Suynov Dalen, NurbergenBagdaulet,AlimovYerbolat, TurumovBagdat, ZeinoldaBolat, TurganbayevRuslanhave undergone a scientific internship at Lublin Polytechnic University (Lublin, Poland)

The purpose of the scientific internship is to increase the level of theoretical and practical knowledge, exchange of experience, to collect information on topics of dissertations, and to strengthen intercultural ties.

Lublin University of Technology (Lublin University of Technology) is ranked 12th in Poland among technical schools according to the world rankings of higher education institutions Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. "Lublin Polytechnic" is one of the five state educational institutions in Lublin, with the only university of technical profile. The attractiveness of the university is expressed primarily by the high level of education and modern educational offer. Lublin Polytechnic offers educational programs at the first level of education - bachelor's degree, level of engineer, master's, doctor's degree. There are 16 technical directions at the University, which unite more than 50 specialties. There are also divisions of the administration that are engaged in the implementation of individual scientific, didactic knowledge.


 At the university we were met by the pro-rector, Doctor of Technical Sciences Franz Wojciech and Deputy Director of the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies Pavel Komada. Immediately an excursion was made to the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, including the library. It should be noted that the Library of the Lublin University of Technology provided an opportunity for us to get acquainted with us, undergraduates with scientific literature, scripts, textbooks and information publications in the field of technical sciences, as well as scientific and professional journals. The library has about 150 thousand books, there is a subscription to more than 300 Polish printed magazines and 40 foreign publications. And it is worth noting that all resources are available at convenient time in five libraries of faculties, which led us to a rapid collection of useful, useful materials for writing the future master's project. The library is located on the campus of Lublin Polytechnic on Nadbystyshytska Street, and immediately there is a student house where we stayed for 10 days.

 At the end of the scientific training, the pro-rector of the university issued a certificate of internship.