Youth Policy Center

The Youth Center of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction is a structural unit of the ENU Youth Policy Center

Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilyov has a long tradition of student government. The solution of important issues of student life, the development and holding of cultural and sports events, as well as the development of social activity of students have always been considered the main tasks of the self-government of our university. Currently, such a student government is the Center for Youth Policy.

The main goals of this organization are the formation of an active civic position of students, promoting the development of their social maturity, independence, preparing students for competent and active participation in society, assisting university management bodies, the dean of faculties, departments, departments and vice-rectors in solving educational and scientific problems.

Youth Center of Architecture and Construction Faculty has been working for 7 years. Over the years we have managed to cover extensive areas of student life - from research activities to the organization of leisure activities for young people. For the effective work of the whole organization, committees of various spheres of activity were created: the Culture Committee, the Organization Committee, the Information Committee, the External Relations Committee. The chairman is Amirov Chingizkhan, a student of the Department of Architecture.

For several months, the Youth Center of the Architecture and Construction Faculty was able to organize a huge number of events, including a large-scale charity concert called “Give Heat” with the support of the “Be Closer” Foundation in the Khan Shatyr SEC. The invited guests were Kazakhstan pop stars Rinat Maltsagov and Zangar Nurtas. Also performed dance ensembles and artists KazNUI. The entertainment part was conducted by a group of animators, creating a fun atmosphere. Following the event, 1 million 140 thousand tenge was collected, the entire amount was transferred to the patient. Guests and the audience were in a good mood. - All this is supervised by the Center for Youth Policy.

Also, activists of the Youth Center of Architecture and Construction Faculty met with renowned artist Renat Elubaev.

The Youth Center of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction held STREETBALL at the Astana Sports Complex.

For many years, the student government of the Eurasian National University adhered to the strict unwritten rule “Everything is for the student!”. The Youth Center of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction will try to continue this tradition further, so that each student of the ENU them. L.N. Gumilyov spent an unforgettable and bright time, called the "golden student years."