Department of Design and Engineering Graphics

Department "Design and Engineering Graphics" again formed in 2015 through the merger of two specialties "Design" and "Engineering Graphics".

The history of training in "Design of architectural environment" begins in 1998, at the department of "Architecture", which since its inception and until 2005 led the candidate of architecture, associate professor Chekaeva R.U.

As an independent unit, the department with the new name "Design" was created by Order № 8 from March 19, 2005 was appointed head of the department candidate of architecture ChikanayevA.Sh.

In 2009, the department received a state license for preparation of masters on specialty 5M042100 - Design.

In 2009, ENU. L.N. Gumilyov, teaching graphic disciplines, was re-formed Department "Engineering Graphics and geodesy." In 2011, after separating from its membership of teachers in the direction of training of surveyors and the creation of a separate Department of "Geodesy and Cartography", it was renamed the Department "Descriptive geometry and computer graphics."

History teaching graphic disciplines in the department of "Descriptive Geometry" originates from the 60s of the last century, with the Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute (CNNIC), on the basis of which was subsequently formed by ENU L.N. Gumilev.

Department of "Descriptive Geometry" in CNNIC over the years managed: Valvakova P.N., Kizima M.L. Associate Professor, Assistant Professor Hirsch A.G., associate professor Sitnic N.V., Nazarenko T.A.

In 2011, the department "Design" has joined the department "Fine Arts", head of the chair was appointed doctor of technical sciences, professor Tolkynbaev T.A.

In 2012, the department "Design" is combined with the department "Descriptive geometry and computer graphics" under the new name "Engineering Graphics and Design." Appointed head of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Baydabekov A.K.

At the moment, the department "Design and Engineering Graphics" implements educational programs in the following areas:

- 6В02121 "Architectural Design" (bachelor);

- 6В02120 "Graphic Design" (bachelor);

- 7M042100 "Design" (Master scientific and pedagogical direction);

During the program, students participate in the international, republican and city competitions, exhibitions and shows of graduation projects, conferences, winning prizes. Graduates of the department "Design and engineering graphics" are in demand in the labor market.