Department of Geodesy and Cartography

The Department of Geodesy and Cartography is one of the oldest, founded since the formation of the CIS. The department conducts classes with 1st-year students of other departments of specialties "Construction" and "Engineering Networks and Systems", and is currently graduating bachelors in the specialty "Geodesy and Cartography" and undergraduates in the specialty "Geodesy"

Teachers of the department give lectures, conduct practical and laboratory classes on courses of geodesy, theory of mathematical processing of geodetic measurements, geodetic instrumentation, direct diploma and course design, conduct summer geodetic practices. The department has modern geodetic and computing equipment for conducting practical and laboratory classes in all courses taught.

A significant place in the work of the department is occupied by summer educational geodetic practices, which allow students to study more deeply the techniques and methods of geodetic measurements directly on the ground. Educational practice in geodesy with 1st-year students requires deep methodological work, pedagogical skills of practice managers.

At the moment, the Department of Geodesy and Cartography implements educational programs in the following areas:

– 6B07311 "Geodesy and Cartography" (bachelor's degree);

– 6B07314 "Urban planning and Cadastre" (Bachelor's degree);

- 7M07311 "Geodesy" (Master's degree, scientific and pedagogical direction).