Material and technical resources

Training of students and undergraduates in accordance with EP 5В042000, 6М042000 "Architecture" is carried out in ULK № 1, L.N. Gumilyov ENU. The training area for 1 student of the reduced contingent is at least 6 square meters taking into account two-shift classes. In the process of training in major subjects, 5 classrooms are involved (303,304,306,307,314); 2 specialized offices (316 - study of drawing and painting, 302 - computer class equipped with 13 computers); streaming lecture audience (301); master's and graduate design (305, 306 and, 313, 316 b); Department of Architecture (312); office of the head of department (311); works and requisites (310, 315).


The educational premises are equipped with modern educational furniture, computer equipment, traditional and multimedia-interactive boards, projectors with screens (4), cathedral stands, visual-methodological stands. Conclusions SES and the fire service are available. In general, the training area used in the process of training students and undergraduates of the specialty, fully complies with the sanitary and fire regulations, regulatory indicators established by the State Educational Establishment of the Republic of Kazakhstan 5.03.009-2006 "Educational and material assets of higher educational institutions".