Material and technical resources

The audience of the department "Technology of industrial and civil construction" (TPGS) and computer classes of the university are available to undergraduates and students, provided with Internet access and a local network of the university. The bandwidth of the Internet network is 100 Mbps.

The fund of the main and additional literature was replenished with editions in the Kazakh, Russian, foreign languages. Currently, the provision of disciplines in the specialty teaching materials and scientific literature for 1 student in undergraduate and graduate programs is 140 units. The provision of specialty disciplines with sources on electronic media is 40%, 40% in undergraduate and graduate programs, respectively. The provision of specialty disciplines with sources on electronic media is 40%. Undergraduates and students have access to a book and electronic fund of the scientific library, equipped with traditional and electronic catalogs, newsletters, online resources, etc. There is a reading room, a subscription, a hall of electronic resources connected to the Internet.

The department has a significant amount of video materials on the modern technologies for the manufacture of building materials, products and structures for demonstration in the audience.

Educational and operational information for students and teachers is displayed on the ENU website and portals, departments, computer classes are provided with Internet access and a local network of the university. The bandwidth of the Internet network is 150 Mbps.

In the educational and laboratory building ULC №1 there is an accredited laboratory "ENU-Lab". Laboratory premises in the basement of the building such as “Building Structures”, “Geotechnics”, “Water Supply and Sewerage”, “Heat, Gas, Ventilation”, “Road Construction”. These laboratories are intended for testing soils for foundations, building materials and structures. The equipment of educational laboratories is used in the following disciplines: Engineering geology, soil mechanics, foundations and foundations, geotechnical monitoring, engineering surveys, building materials, modern building materials, building structures, gas supply, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply, hydraulics. Laboratories will be provided with passports, which indicate the purpose and characteristics of the equipment, means of individual and fire protection, computer equipment, stands, etc.

Training of undergraduates of the specialty 6M073000 "Production of building materials, products and structures" is carried out in the educational-laboratory building of the ENU. L.N. Gumilev. The study area per student of a given contingent is at least 6 sq. M. taking into account the divergence of employment. The training process involves classrooms for 50-60 seats, specialized audiences, educational laboratories, reading and sports halls. Educational premises are equipped with educational furniture, computer equipment, traditional and multimedia-interactive boards, laboratory equipment, and visual stands.


Table-Equipment Information                                                                                     

Actual address of the building (structure) indicating the total and usable area (m 2 )

Equipment Details

Audiences, subject rooms,

with name and area *

Training and production workshops, training and experimental sites, training facilities, training grounds *

Laboratories with the name * (m 2 )

The list of technical training aids, educational and educational laboratory equipment indicating the type

Assembly hall, sports hall (m 2 )

Computer classes


For training in the medical field

" Preclinical simulation rooms " *










Educational laboratory building

Nur-Sultan , st. Kazhymukan, 13, building No. 3

total area - 11094,7 m 2

usable area

7183 m 2




(201 aud.)

72 m 2


Lecture audience

(203 aud.)

77 m 2



for undergraduates

(204 aud.)

7 m 2



(206 aud.)

77 m 2



(207 aud.)

18.5 m 2


Lecture audience

(208 aud.)

240 m 2



(209 aud.)

33.9 m 2


Lecture audience

(23 aud.)

74.5 m 2


Number 4

Building Materials Laboratory

( 79.3 m 2 )

Hardness gage according to Rockwell and Brinell TR-5006-02 (1 pc., 2014)

Assembly Hall -

645.3 m 2



- 273 m 2

(Sports complex - Eurasia,

Mr. Nur Sultan ,

st. Duchenules 23)


 class (202 aud. 58.4 m 2 ) (total number of computers - 15)

2. computer class (412 aud. 65 m 2 ) (total number of computers - 13)

3. computer class (415 aud. 65 m 2 ) (total number of computers - 14)

4. computer class (401 aud. 72 m 2 ) (total number of computers - 19)

5. - Library " Otyrar " has a hall of electronic resources (30 computers);

- an Internet-connected room of electronic resources in the ULK building (61 computers)

- 5 interactive whiteboards

- 2 multimedia


Broadband wireless (WiFi) access to the Internet at a speed of 100 Mbit / c


Total: 91 computers with Internet access.



Nur-Sultan , st. Pushkin, 11, Scientific library of L.N.



5660 m 2




Press P-50 (PSU-50) (1 pc., 2014)

Laboratory electric furnace SNOL 67/350 C, 400 * 400 * 500 (1 pc., 2014)

Vibration platform SMZH-539 (2 pcs., 2014)

Press P-10 (10t) (1 pc., 2014)

Number 5

Lab Thermography

(38.7 m 2 )


The device " Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) " (1 pc., 2015)

The device " Thermal mechanical analysis (TMA) " (1 pc., 2015)

The device " Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) " (1 pc., 2015)

Impulse    tester (1 pc.. 2016

Digital thermometer (2 pcs., 2016)


Rebar thickness gauge (1 pc., 2016)

Electronic hammer for testing concrete (1 pc., 2016)

Ultrasonic Pulse Analyzer (1 pc., 2016)

Electronic universal extensometer (2 pcs., 2016)

measure of capacity flask Le chatelier Candlot

Measuring ruler, metal

Digital scale, AY-120

Measuring vessel, MP: 1,2,5 and 10 l

Template for determining the flakiness of crushed stone

Vessel for elutriation of sand and gravel, KP-305, KP-306

Southard viscosimeter

Funnel for determining the bulk density of sand

Ultrasonic flaw detector for concrete, Pulsonic 58-E4900

Calibration weights for scales (Set of weights, G-2-210)

Digital thermo-hygrometer for measuring humidity

Loupe LI3-10-X

Number 8

Laboratory of concrete and reinforced concrete products and structures (59.4 m 2 )

Automatic press 500 kN (1 pc., 2016)

Compression test frame, 3000 kN (1 pc., 2016)

Automax automatic electronic hydraulic remote control (1 pc., 2016)

Equipment for testing self-compacting concrete (1 pc., 2016)

Climatic chamber, 520 L (1 pc., 2016)

Digital scales of 24 kg. X 0.1 g (1 pc., 2016)

Mechanical strain gauges 10 cm with digital displacement sensors (1 pc., 2016)

Cement mortar mixer (1 pc., 2016)

Clamping device for split concrete cylinders (2 pcs., 2016)

Scales electronic laboratory, ELB-12K

Scales laboratory electronic, KERN 572-57

Short needle for Vicat apparatus

Soil tester with impact load, 34-Т0168/В, Controls

Test press UNIFRAME, 70-T1182

 Appliance Casagrande,22-T0030/F

Odometer, 26-WF0312

Single Plane Ground Cutter, 27-WF2060

Concrete air content meter, 54-С0170/F

Number 10

Laboratory of processes and apparatus

(61.1 m 2 )

Cutting machine for concrete and stone materials (1 pc., 2016)

Chamber for control of heat treatment steaming KUP-1 with a block (1 pc., 2016)

Ball mill MSH-1 (8l) without balls (1 pc., 2016)

Vibration platform SMZh-539 (1 pc., 2016)

Roar KP-109 (1 pc., 2016)

Shchekov crusher ДЩ 100 * 200 (1 pc., 2016)

Mixer LS CB-10 (1 pc., 2016)

Set of sieves KP-109/1 stainless Steel with a pallet, a cover, D-300mm, (19 pcs., 2014)

Metal molds for the manufacture of cubes, 100-150 mm. (5 pcs, 2016)

Metal molds for the manufacture of beams, 15x15x60 cm. (2 pcs., 2016)

Apparatus for determining the heat determination of cement during hydration, 0.001 ° C (1 pc., 2016)

Chamber of heat and cold CTX (-50; +60 C) (1 pc., 2016)

Vibration drive VP-300 (1 pc., 2014)

Laboratory electric furnace SNOL 420/300

Laboratory abrasion circle LСI, 250*450*230 (1 piece, 2014)

Set of test sieves (geotechnical)

No. 10 A

Concrete and reinforced concrete structures and products

(20.3 m 2 )

Apparatus for plasma arc cutting (1 pc., 2016)

Number 11

Laboratory of concrete and reinforced concrete products (80.8 m 2 )

Vibration platform SMZh-539 (1 pc., 2016)

Laboratory electric furnace SNOL 8.2 / 1100 (fiber, electronic temperature controller) (2 pcs., 2016)

Press IP-1000PC (1000kN) (2 pcs., 2016)

Explosive machine IR-200M (2 pcs., 2016)

Number 15

Laboratory of road construction

Test oven RTFOT 20-25720

Apparatus for determining the softening temperature of bitumen KISH


Bitumen hardness tester-Pictometer

Bitumen Tensile Tester-Ductylometer

The device for determining the fragility of bitumen during freezing-Fraas