International cooperation

    Activity of department is based on conceptions of creation of complex of continuous trade education, in accordance with positions of Lissabon Convention, Bolonskiy declaration sent to
development of connections with foreign partners for perfection of educational technologies, professional retraining and in-plant training of shots.
A department supports international educational and scientific connections with the university of Acdeniz  (Turkey),  Samara Architectonically-building state  university (Samara, Russia), Moscow Architectonically-building institute (by an academy) (MARHI, Russia), by the State university of Informatics and artificial intelligence МОН and НАН of Ukraine (Donetsk).
Teachers,  scientists and magister of department "Design" participate in conference, exhibitions, seminars in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, USA, Germany, China, Italy, Turkey and other countries. An educational exchange is conducted between teachers, магистрантами and university.


The Department of "Design" cooperates with:

1. Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami. Uzbekistan;

2. Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Samara, Russia;

3. National Institute of Design, Russia, Moscow.

4. Siberian State Automobile and Road Academy, Russia, Omsk.

5. Omsk State Technical University, Russia, Omsk.

6. Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus, Minsk.


7. Akdeniz University, Turkey, Antalya.


Academic mobility:
External mobility of teachers, magister and students of department "Design" related to internships, by an exchange by experience, research practice in higher educational establishments and scientific organizations.
Department "Design" actively and closely works with foreign partners and constantly extends the external contacts.

Advanced training:

From 14 to 28 June 2018, the teaching staff of the Department "Design and engineering graphics" passed training courses at the University of Akdeniz on "Adaptation of the national cultural component in modern design education" (Antalya, Turkey).

Within the framework of the program on an exchange by experience with the specialists of far and near abroad on a department were invited:
Lekareva Nina Afanas’evna, candidate of architecture, professor (Samara State Architectonically-building University,  department of Town-planning, Самара, Russian FEDERATION, 2011) seminars: "Креатив in a design", "Gardens on a roof", "Documentation in a landscape design";
Aleksandra Handrek Bussenius, doctor Еханес , doctor   (arboreal nursery of Lorberg, Tremmen, Germanium, 2012) is seminars: "Criteria of quality for arboreal plants", "External and internal parameters of quality of the arboreal planting";
Sazonov Konstantin Aleksandrovich, doctor of engineering sciences, professor (Kyiv national university of technologies and design, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2012) seminar  the "New tendencies of application of computer technologies in engineering graphic arts and design - planning";
Yacuk Olga Grigorievna, professor, doctor of study (National Institute of Design) of art, course of lectures, practical employments, masterclasss are "Modern materials in a design", "Methods of modern design";

Kuchkarova Dilorom Fayzullaevna, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor of Tashkent Institute of irrigation and melioration (Uzbekistan); lectures on the discipline "Modern design" for specialties " 5B042100-Design";

Amer Rey, PhD, Professor of architecture, head of the Department of Architecture, RAS al Khaimah University of America (UAE); lecturing on the discipline "environmental design Structures as an art object "for specialties" 6M042100-Design";

Omer Zauimoglu, candidate of pedagogical sciences, doctor PhD (University of Акдениз, Antalya, Turkey), Associate Professor of the Department " Traditional crafts "of the faculty" art creativity " of Akdeniz University, Deputy Director of the applied and research center silk road of Akdeniz University; seminars "Modern innovative technologies in educating to the national applied art" and "The development of modern techniques and methods of designing national etnodizayn"; lecture for 5 bachelor's courses of specialty "5B042100-Design" - "Conceptual design in environmental design" and for 1 master's course "methods of foreign design" in the autumn semester of 2018-2019 academic year;
Israel Moges, bachelor of architecture, Ethiopian institure of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (Addis Ababa, Republic of Ethiopia), volunteer of the Department of "Design and engineering graphics"