Scientific activity




Architecture occupies a special place in the cultural system. No less a special place in the system of sciences, where the questions of aesthetics and material and practical intersect, in parallel there are artistic, philosophical and scientific and technical approaches. Back in the I c. BC. Vitruvius defined architecture as a science that "is based on many branches of knowledge and on a variety of information through which one can judge everything done through other arts."


In accordance with the main practical tasks - the formation of the university as an international institution of higher education, goals are set in fundamental research on priority areas for the development of science and technology. In view of this, the general direction of the research activities of the department "Architecture" is participation in solving the basic problems of fundamental science.


The needs for reforming science are compelled to seek new organizational forms of its existence, in connection with which more and more attention is paid to university science. At the present stage its specificity is analyzed, priority directions of development are formed. The necessary conditions for the further development of the research potential have been formed at the Department of Architecture. Teaching staff regularly participate in Republican and International conferences, symposiums, seminars, are published in international scientific publications Thomson Reuters and Scopus, in foreign journals of RINC, in journals of VAK RK, publish textbooks, monographs, guidelines, catalogs, books.


On the department from 2015 to 2018, work is carried out on GRANT MES RK No. 065 of 12.02.2015 on the theme: "Transformation of the architecture of cities in Kazakhstan (identification and study of regional features of the heritage architecture and modern architecture of Kazakhstan)" under the leadership of candidate of architecture, professor Chekaeva R.U. The results of the work are implemented in the production, there are: the implementation certificate - No. 266 from 09.03.2017 in Petropavlovsk and the implementation certificate No. 266 of 09.03. Kostanay city.


The head of the club " Architect " Professor Chekaeva R.U., who was opened in 2000, is actively working with students. As a result of the development of the scientific club "Architect" - the creative school, an active position is formed among the students - the leader in the field associated with scientific research. Their activity increases the effectiveness of university fundamental research and expands the problems of practical research in educational projects and programs that ensure the competitiveness and relevance of graduates of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU. And now the "Architect" is actively developing under the guidance of leading scientists of the "Architecture" department, the achievements of which are used both in the educational process and are introduced into production.




From April 17 to April 19, 2018 students of the “Architecture” department of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU: Dosmaganbet Daulet, Abilkhair Dias, Abatov Yerkebulan (gr. Arh-51) took part in the International Competition of Research Projects of Young Scientists and Students “Eurasia Green”, which was held in the framework of the IX Eurasian Economic Forum for Youth (IX EEFM Asia-Russia-Africa: The Economy of the Future ”). The scientific project carried out by students of the department "Architecture" was highly appreciated by an international jury and a diploma of the 1st degree, as well as honorary medals of the scientific competition.


April 10-12, young scientists of the “Architecture” department annually take part in the traditional international scientific conference “Science and Education”.


The winner of the “Science Slam - Kazakhstan” 2016 was the 2nd year undergraduate student in the specialty “Architecture” of the Eurasian National University Asel Pazylbekova. The young researcher presented a project called “Transformable working model for conceptual design processes”.


Publication of undergraduate of the the L.N. Gumilyov ENU Assel Pazylbekova “Transformable sketch modeling for conceptual design processes” successfully passed the review process and was published in the international scientific journal Global Journal of Engineering Education, which is part of the Scopus bibliometric database.


The concept of an eco-microdistrict created by students of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of the ENU is recognized as one of the best in the international competition of research projects of young scientists and students "Eurasia Green", which was held in Yekaterinburg on April 20, 2016 as part of the VII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum (VII EEFM).