About the research activity of the faculty

Scientific activity

At the faculty there are 3 research units:

• Research Institute of Geotechnical Institute.

• Research Institute Eurasian Institute of Technology.

• SC Building materials and technologies.

These scientific divisions of the university, headed by well-known scientists, carry out effective research activities, performing a certain amount of fundamental, applied and contractual work.


Research directions of the faculty

At the Faculty of Architecture and Construction there are the following areas of research activities:

- research and development work, development and introduction of new technologies, materials, structures; Creation of intellectual property (patents, know-how) and their implementation in practice; Scientific, technical and environmental expertise of projects, design and construction documentation, existing industries; Inspection of building structures under construction and operated enterprises; Assessment of the reliability of building structures, buildings and structures of industrial and civil objects; Design and survey work; Investigation of the physico-mechanical properties of building materials, soils, artificial and natural bases of foundations of buildings and structures; Geomonitoring the construction of underground and high-rise structures;

  - construction of a mathematical equivalent model of non-linearly deformable inhomogeneous bodies with cracks. Development and implementation of a new nonlinear theory of computation of composite cores, shells and plates taking into account cracks, inelastic properties and creep of materials. The obtained scientific results open a new promising direction in the mechanics of deformable bodies with cracks;

- the creation of new high-tech technologies in the construction industry, ranging from the development of quarries of minerals, raw materials for building materials, the improvement of existing and production of innovative materials, the improvement of production technologies, and the design, construction, operation and utilization of buildings and structures;

- development of the technological part of the projects of factories, factories, airports, terminals and other large and unique objects;

- the formation of a new technology for calculating oil and gas facilities and the mining industry in the development of the European standards model;

- urban planning of the territory, scientific, technological and expert support of construction, overhaul and reconstruction of buildings, structures and engineering systems using innovative technologies in accordance with national and European quality standards;

- research activities on topical issues of the development of the Kazakh national architecture, ethno-architecture, regional architecture.

Signed memorandums with universities partners from near and far abroad. International scientific conferences were held at the bases of ENU. L.N. Gumilyov and Nazarbayev University. The results of the scientific activity of the faculty are the successful defense of doctoral PhDs, acts of introducing research, obtaining intellectual property patents and publishing articles in impact journals with Thomson Reuters and Scopus.

The most important indicator of the effectiveness of research work are publications in high-rating journals: Faculty for the 2017-2018 academic year. The total number of publications of faculty members is 178: of them are presented in the Thomson Reuters and Scopus 19 databases. The faculty has its own scientific and pedagogical journal: “Problems of engineering graphics of professional education”. Patent registration work has intensified: in 2017-2018. year received 5 patents, 3 copyright certificates.

At the same time, the analysis of the main problems of the research activity of the faculty allows us to single out the following of them: insufficient scientific activity of the teaching staff; insufficient research projects, commissioned by public and private enterprises, lack of conditions for the commercialization of projects.