Training and employment


The Department of Geodesy and cartography conducts professional practice in all four undergraduate courses and in the second year of the master's degree.

In the first year, students pass training practice at the landfills of ENU, UOC "TUMAR", Zerendinsky district, Akmola region, where students work with such geodetic tools as a level, theodolite, total station, etc.

     The main bases of practices are JSC "Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary", LLP "PPI " Kazdorproekt", RSE "Kazgeodeziya", LLP "Kaz aerospace", LLP "center of Unmanned Systems Kazakhstan", LLP "Nadir", LLP "KIE Kazakhstan", LLP "Koldau", LLP "Geoterr". Students also take part in other enterprises, including such large, well-established enterprises as the construction holding "Build Investments Group" (BI Group), "SK Basis" LLP, as well as other organizations throughout Kazakhstan.

Course Semester name of practice number of weeks credits
1 2 educational 3 3
2 4 production 3 3
3 6 production 5 5
4 8 production 6 6
4 8 pre-graduation 12 12

  Educational practice

The purpose of the training practice for students of the 1st year is to acquire practical skills of working with geodetic tools in the structure under the guidance of the head of the practice.

Objectives of the practice:

- consolidation and development of theoretical knowledge obtained by students at the University by solving geodetic problems in the open area where the practice is carried out;

- study of the main geodetic instruments, familiarization with the activities of invention, rationalization and safety

Production (2 and 3 courses) practices

The purpose of the practice is to further deepen and consolidate the knowledge of the specialty by students, to study the methods of conducting engineering and geodetic works. Industrial practice of students of the specialty "Geodesy and cartography" is an important part of the training of highly qualified engineers-surveyors.

The task of the production practice is to master the production skills and advanced methods of production of geodetic works. During the internship, students gain experience in technical, organizational, and social work. An important part of the practice is the collection of materials for the preparation of a technical report and the subsequent development of the diploma project.


The goals of pre-graduate practice are

- deepening and consolidation of theoretical knowledge obtained in the course of training

- acquisition of necessary professional skills in the relevant geodetic and cartographic institutions,

- mastering methods and techniques of forecasting, analysis, regulation, planning and other issues related to the activities of these structures,

- collection of material necessary for writing a thesis.

The tasks of pre-graduate practice in the organization include:

1) familiarization with the organization( enterprise), its structure, the main functions of production and management departments;

2) study of the principles and methods of work in the organization, taking into account the specifics of job descriptions;

3) study of regulatory documents and software tools used in the enterprise;

4) practical work in a specific position in the organization;

5) selection and systematization of the material for the thesis;

6) preparation and writing of a report on practical training in the institution.


Course Semester name of practice number of weeks credits
2 3 pedagogical 14 4
2 4 research 12 12
Pedagogical practice
The goal of the pedagogical practice is to gain experience of practical pedagogical activity in the profile of the received specialty.
Tasks of pedagogical practice
The tasks of pedagogical practice are related to the following types and tasks of pedagogical activity of a master's student:
* preparing and conducting classes in geodesic and socio-humanitarian disciplines in higher education institutions;
* organization of the pedagogical process, independent preparation of pedagogical programs, pedagogical and methodological documentation for courses.
The objectives of pedagogical practice are: 
* Improvement of psychological and pedagogical and special (on the subject) knowledge of undergraduates in the process of their application to the implementation of the pedagogical process; 
* Development of undergraduates ' ideas about the work of modern educational institutions (mainly universities), the specifics of educational programs, areas of activity of teaching teams, functional responsibilities of representatives of the administrative and pedagogical corps of employees, traditions and innovations in the organization of work;
Formation of pedagogical skills in undergraduates: 
- related to the diagnosis of the quality of knowledge and skills of students, their level of education, with the study of gender and age and individual characteristics of students, identifying features of the development of a group of students, with an analysis of the experience of other trainees, self-analysis of pedagogical activity; 
- projective, providing planning of pedagogical and educational work, preparation of abstracts of lectures and seminars and extracurricular activities, selection of forms and methods of training and education that correspond to the characteristics of students, and educational technologies;
- organizational activities aimed at carrying out their own pedagogical activities and directing the active activities of teachers, developing their initiative and independence;
- communication related to the communication of a master's student-Intern with students and colleagues (their friends, teachers, methodologists); 
* Development of students ' interest in teaching, creative attitude to teaching work at the University; 
* Development of pedagogical abilities (expressive-speech, didactic, suggestive, perceptive, etc.), as well as pedagogically significant qualities of the teacher's personality (disposition to undergraduates, self-control, pedagogical tact, etc.).


The department "Geodesy and cartography" has good indicators on employment. The main employers are "Kazakhstan karysh sapary" NK "JSC," Here Kazakhstan "LLP," Nadir "LLP," BI Group "LLP. In each academic year, planned and non-planned activities take place. For example, a meeting with employers, round tables, creating a database on graduates, sending out summaries, organizing job fairs, distributing graduates to places of work, etc. According to the plan of the university and faculty, graduates and curators take part in various events. At the end of the year, a full report on working with employers in the Career and Business Department is submitted.

Also, thanks to close cooperation with alumni and employers, it was possible to determine the level of the university in the international QS rating using the questionnaire of the faculty.

The table below shows the results of graduate employment over the past 3 years