Training and employment

Practical training of students

The basis for consolidating the theoretical knowledge of students of the specialty 5В072900 - Construction at the Architecture and Construction Faculty is practical training. Practical training of students is an obligatory part of the educational process and has the goal of preparing students for production activities. The objectives of the practice are the acquisition of practical skills, consolidation of theoretical knowledge, the acquisition of professional skills and abilities, the acquisition of organizational skills in a team.

In the process of learning, students in accordance with state educational standards of general education undergo various types of professional practices: industry, pre-diploma teaching, research and others.

The purpose of educational practice is to familiarize the student with the basics of future professional activity, to obtain information about the specifics of the chosen field of study, with the functions and tasks of the future professional activity. Educational practice is conducted at the 1 and 2 courses under the guidance of the relevant departments in training workshops, laboratories, testing grounds, clinics, other educational support units of the university, as well as in organizations relevant to future professional activities.

Programs of educational and educational practices are developed and are available in the departments. Practical training is organized at the 3rd and 4th courses after completing the study of the cycle of special disciplines for which the practical training is provided. The program of practical training is developed and approved by graduating departments. The bases of industrial practice are organizations that correspond to the profile of the student specialty.

Teaching staff of the department "TPGS" and the leadership of the faculty systematically conducts work to expand the bases of practice.

Types, terms and content of professional practice are determined by the direction of training, specialty, work curricula, schedules of the educational process and programs of practices.

In addition to the main bases of practice, a number of students are sent to practice under tripartite agreements in organizations that are in dire need of engineering and technical workers.

Practice programs are developed by departments taking into account the profile of the specialty, the nature of the enterprise, institution, organization - the object of practice and approved by the dean of the faculty.


The department constantly monitors the implementation of measures for the employment of graduates.

The level of employment of graduates of the Department of Industrial Technology and Civil Engineering after graduation is reflected in its demand from industrial organizations. University graduates receive a highly qualified specialty and have very good career prospects. The demand for graduates of the department remains high.

 Graduates successfully work in various construction organizations and institutions, such as "LLP SK Kulager", LLP "SK Stroyklass" " LLP SK Basis", "LLP SK BI Group", etc.


Information on the employment of bachelors and undergraduates 

Educational program

Year of release

Number of graduates

Number of employed graduates

Percentage of employment, %

6M073000 Production of building materials, products and structures



































Base practices department TPGS

1. BI Holding LLP

2. “Astana Stroy-Consulting” LLP

3. LLP Kazakhmys Corporation Leading Design Institute

4. Kulager Construction Corporation LLP

5. SK Basis LLP

The employment rate of graduates of the department "Technology of industrial and civil construction" is reflected in the requirement of university graduates after their graduation. Graduates of higher educational institutions receive a highly qualified profession, and the prospects for career growth are also very good. Demand for graduates of the department remains high.

Graduates successfully work in various construction organizations and institutions, such as Kulager Construction Corporation, MAG, SK Basis LLP, BI Group Holding.

Employment of graduates is 90%.