Department of Construction

Eurasian National University. LN Gumilyov Architecture and construction faculty
Department "Construction" History of formation and development of the department "Structural Engineering" begins in 1964 and is inextricably linked with the history of Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute (CNNIC), established in 1964 in Celinograde (now Astana). In 1994 he joined the Institute of Akmola University. S.Seifullin on which in 1996 the Decree of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was created Eurasian University. LN Gumilev.
The first set of students in the specialty "Industrial and civil construction" (ASG) was implemented in 1964, and in the same year of the first five departments of the institute established the Department "Technology construction industry", renamed in 2004 in the department of "Construction" and in 2012 it stood out from the department of "Structural"
The first head of "construction technologies" (TSP) was Iskakov Michael Izotevich.
The need for the training process, the growth of number of students, the development of scientific research led to the formation at the Department (RTD) of several departments that specialize in majors and scientific fields.

Department "Technology of building production" heading in different years: Khamzin SK, CNNIC Vice Rector, Ph.D., Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of Kazakhstan (1970-1987), Ph.D., associate Baykan F . P. (1987-1989), Fendt BE (1989-1996), Akanov EB (1996-2001), Ph.D., Professor BB Bakenov (2001-2008), Ph.D., Associate Professor Abdushkurov F.B (2008), Professor TA Tolkynbaev (2008-2009).

In September 2012 chair of the competition was re-elected Prof. AJ Jusupbekov (Previously led the department "Construction" from March 2009) Department "Construction" is a graduate majoring 5V050729 "Construction" Bachelor (4 years) in three specializations: "Calculation and design of buildings and structures", "Heat and ventilation", "Water and Sanitation". Training is carried out in accordance with State Standard majors full-time training. Training is conducted at the state and Russian languages. The Department is actively preparing undergraduates majoring 6M072900 "Construction" on the profile (1) and scientific and pedagogical direction (2 years).

Since 2007, when the Department of the doctoral Ph.D in "Construction".
 Department "Construction" is a service for specialties "Architecture", "Design", "Standardization and Certification" is where a number of disciplines construction profile.
Currently, the Department of their knowledge and experience to the younger generation is transmitted: Honored Worker of Education of Kazakhstan, Ph.D., professor Bakenov BB; Honorary builder RK, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Zhussupbekov AZ; Ph.D., professor Turashev AS; Ph.D., Associate Professor Sonin AM; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Unaspekov BA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Iskakov KA, Ph.D., associate professor beamed MG and other scientists - known experts in the country and abroad.

Ostepenennyh in the department is 100%. Department today occupies a leading position among the departments of building profile of the country.
In 2010 the national rankings of higher education institutions of Kazakhstan Eurasian National University took 1st place in "Construction".
Professor AJ Jusupbekov is the director of the Geotechnical Institute, formed at the Eurasian National University. Professor BB Bakenov - Member of the expert commission RK Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services. Professor Turashev AS, docents Sonin AM, beamed MG, DV Tsygulev are recognized as experts and consultants unique objects of Astana and region.Department "Structural Engineering" has modern teaching laboratory facilities and computer classes.
The main scientific directions of the department are: foundation engineering in difficult ground conditions; development and adoption of new technology of construction of buildings and structures; inspection of buildings and structures to the development of recommendations for their further exploitation.

At the department is actively working on research and NIRS. Students under the guidance of scientists, experienced teachers engaged in scientific work, and participate in student conferences, use their scientific material in the thesis. The scientific work of teachers and students of the University published in collections.


Graduation projects performed on topics relevant to the state, regularly win prizes at international and republican competitions graduation projects and showcased on various professional exhibitions. Graduates of the department "Structural Engineering" is always in demand, particularly acute at the moment, due to the growing volume and pace of construction in Astana.
The department has international educational and scientific ties with many foreign universities, including the universities of Russia, South Korea, Japan, Canada and other countries. Doctoral Ph.D annually undergo training in foreign universities and foreign professors lecture at the department.
From international cooperation in areas of educational programs, especially training of doctors Ph.D (together with foreign consultants), as well as joint research projects, conferences, business trips abroad and internships.