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student e-journal guide

1 Weekly control scores by class of classes (lectures, practical, laboratory, studio, SRO) are put into an electronic journal on a 100-point scale. Each week is open to teachers to fill points for 10 days (from Monday of the current week to Wednesday of the next week).

2 During one academic period, as a rule, two midterm controls are provided. Boundary control is set in an electronic journal on a 100-point scale in accordance with the academic calendar (if there are 15 weeks in a semester, then at 7 and 15 weeks, respectively).

3 Rating Р1 (Р2) is determined in accordance with the points of current control (TC) and mid-term control (RC): Р1 (Р2) = (TC + ​​RC) / 2

4 In the absence of students in a class for a good reason, students must write an application for permission to work points and attach a supporting document in the dean's office (the document is valid for 3 days from the date of issue). After reviewing the application, the dean may open access for teachers to fill out the points for up to 7 days. Students in the specified period (within 7 days) need to work out the missed classes for teachers.

5 The presentation on the assessment of knowledge is located in the AIS Plato in the “Library” section.